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welcome to geenie OS

A brief overview of geenie OS & it’s features


Geenie OS 1

The first edition of geenie was not the best, it only had t commands,

1. sd

2. rs

3. clear

4. help

5. time

it may seem like more as you see from the help screen but some were on the ‘to implement’ list in the geenie workbooks, as you see this is not a great os!

Where as geenie os milestone 1 & release 2 were much more stable and had more & better commands, Here’s A few screenshots :



As you see, much more commands & a better looking interface, this is the geenie to-do list for MS1 - OS 2


This is all the planning for geenie OS & we’ve finished the first MS1 Build, next up MS 2.

Geenie has a new QBoot Boot loader, this is called quick boot, it will store files in a single file & back it up 5 times, if it corrupts you can use the backup boot !

Note : Only in geenie MS3

Also in QBoot you will access the old TUI Interface of geenie

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